Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Battenfeld Molding Machine - Tamp;M Enterprises, Inc.

State of the Art
Battenfeld Plastic Injection Molding Centers

With sixteen Battenfeld plastic injection molding centers, extrusion line, and over 75 pieces of secondary equipment, we have the capacity to produce your order with maximum efficiency.

plastic injection molded parts for electrical capacitors

Plastic Injection Molded Parts for Electrical Capacitors

We have open tooling and stock many common tools and dies for electrical capacitors to keep your costs low. We are happy to create custom parts and components to meet your specifications.

injection molded parts for the medical industry

Plastic Injection Molded Parts for the Medical Industry

The variety of plastics and resins we use fulfills the specialized needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We work closely with you to produce the injection molded parts you need.

custom injection molded part for the Plumbing industry

Plastic Injection Molded Parts for the Plumbing Industry

Find out how we can help with your custom injection molded parts and components.

custom injection molded brush handles

Plastic Injection Molded Brush Handles for the Culinary and Hardware Industry

Custom injection molded brush handles to meet your specifications; from pastry brushes to paint.

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